Chopsticks Workshops

Get ready to unleash your inner craftsman! Join our woodwork workshop at the brand-new 5906 96 Street location in Edmonton. You’ll wield planer machines, hand planers, and a special design jig to craft your very own custom chopsticks. Sand them to perfection with our multi-grit sanding block. Plus, take home two pairs (that’s 4 sticks!) of your handcrafted culinary masterpieces! 🌟🪓🍽️


Date night

Date night creativity awaits! 🌟 Join us in our professional wood workshop for an unforgettable evening. Your selfies will be picture-perfect against the backdrop of your handcrafted masterpiece. And don’t worry—it’s totally non-intimidating. Past participants agree! 🪓✨ Craft your own safe, fun, and doable chopsticks. Plus, everyone leaves with at least 2 pairs! 🍽️💕

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Complete your Christmas shopping for the entire family in one go, just like the clever daughter-wife-sister who gifted her family a chopstick workshop. With a single click, you can avoid the tedious shopping experience.

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Bachelorette party

Attention brides-to-be! 🌸👰 Need a breather? Our woodworking workshop is the perfect escape. 🪓✨ Send her our way for a calming evening of chopstick crafting. She’ll leave with handmade chopsticks and a sense of tranquility. 💕🍽️

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