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3 reasons for the Simpo Chopsticks

Simpo Chopsticks


Most chopsticks on the market are vague about the material that they used. Some of them do not specified the type of wood that they use, and even if it is specified, it is a kind that is not very well known, thus hard to verify its authenticity. Besides bespoke chopsticks that are usually costly, almost none of them tell you what kind of finishes they use, if it is food safe. One can only hope and assume that it is food safe. To assume and to know are two very different thing. The lack of transparency and withholding information are unacceptable practices with today’s health conscious consumer, we are careful about what we eat, but we often neglect the Chopsticks that we put in our mouth day after day.


Most chopsticks packages will say it is hygienic and safe because it uses wood…etc, but most brands are unknown and there is little to no accountability to their claims. Simpo wants to be the brand that stands behind our claims. The kind of chopsticks that you can trust.


Simpo chopsticks are bespoke chopsticks without the pricy price tag, we specifically design the chopsticks and the process to make so that it is affordable for you to buy not only one pair, but for the whole family, we want Simpo to be your standard chopsticks for your family. It is our mission to do just that.

Our Offerings

A couple variations were developed from the Original form after hearing customer feedbacks with their different preferences, some wanted it to be more pointy, some like their Chopsticks round. Hey, customers are always right, and we always listen.

6 Choices

Pick the wood  &  Pick the style

Simpo Chopsticks Square
Simpo Chopsticks Rounded
Simpo Chopsticks Rounded Pointy