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The design philosophy of Simpo Chopsticks is to go back to the basics, tracing back to the days before we have gone astray to overly industrialize an everyday item that is so essential and so simple. Our design process examines the traditions as well as modern day knowledge, synthesizing them, preserving what is good and rejecting what is bad to create something that is the best from both world. And by leveraging modern day manufacturing technique and technologies, we were able to maintain both quality and affordability.

The Original Simpo Chopsticks was designed in the style of traditional Chinese Chopsticks, which is a square cross section all along where you would hold them, followed by a tapered blunt end. This design provides exceptional Chopsticks holding experience; each orientation of the chopsticks would feel the same as it is made to a nearly perfect square, therefore as you maneuver your chopsticks during a meal, the feel of the chopsticks in your hand remain the same. The wooden texture make it non-slippy and warm to touch, unlike the metal ones. The tapering is well away from where you would hold so your fingers won’t be sliding off as tapered chopsticks would tend to do. The proportion where it tapers off is formulated by the famous Golden Ratio, a frequent geometric portion occurring in nature, believe to be the most aesthetic pleasing portion to human eye.

Simpo Chopstick Golden Ratio


100% Pure tung oil is widely recognized as the best food safe, natural finishing oil. It has been in use by the Chinese for thousands of years, mainly in waterproofing and preserving wooden ships. Though it is recognized as the best, however it is not the most popular due to its high cost (One Litre is $40 CAD) and its laborious application process.

Simpo chopsticks uses 100% pure tung oil to honour its Chinese root and tradition, furthermore it is chosen especially for its natural food safe and waterproofing property.

The 1000 pairs pledge goal will allow us to spread the high cost of the 100% pure tung oil into an acceptable level. And it will also allow us to design process to reduce the time and work involve in oiling the chopsticks.


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Simpo Square-Pointy style (100% Tung oil finish)-Natural Wood Chopsticks-Made in Canada - Walnut